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This program helps you learn the vocabulary of a new language.

This program is divided into 2 parts :

  • A view part to read/edit to words in a table.
  • A question part to learn the words.
General part:
  • You can change of Look&Feel
    Look at the screenshots for examples.
  • Select the categories including the sub-categories or not.
  • Set the language for the user interface. French, English, German, Dutch, Italian and Czech are available at the moment.
  • Set the starting file for the data and for your score.
  • Save your preferences in differents .ini files.
  • Open other files like French departments, Irregular verbs, Morse, Chemical elements, Countries, States of the USA.
View part:
  • The languages included are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and Czech.
  • More than 35,000 English words.
  • Create you own file, not necessary to learn vocabulary.
  • You can edit, add or delete words and categories.
  • You can edit, add or delete properties to the words (such as the level).
  • Save the categories or all the tree as a TXT or a HTML file.
  • Show only the languages you're interested in.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste from this application to a text editor, a word processor or a data sheet program.
  • Print the category you have selected.
  • Search words even incomplete (with many options).
  • Translate texts (word by word translation)
  • Find the definition of the word on Internet.
Question part:
  • You can choose the starting and ending level.
    Level depends on how much the word is normally used in a day. It goes from very often(1) to almost never(10). For examples, beginners can start to learn words from level 1 to 3, and if you want to improve you can learn words from level 4 to 8.
  • You can open and save your score.
  • You can have one score file for "French to English" and another one for "English to French".
  • Other persons of your family can use the software.(If installed on one computer)
  • Score are saved in order not to ask you the words you already know.
  • You can also change the parameters of the last purpose.(like how many times you have to answer correctly before the program will consider it as known)
  • It won't ask you for the word that starts with the same letters as the translation.
  • Only score on the words are saved not your total score.
  • You can show the properties about the word before the question and after the answer.
Advanced features:
  • You can launch JLearnIt in command line mode. java jlearnit.JlearnIt -cmd
  • You can add and remove some columns.
  • You can sort the columns.
  • You can keep the width of the colums.
  • You can include or exclude the subcategories.
  • You can easily type the letters with accent even if you don't have a special keyboard.
  • Keep it always on top.
  • Have it embeded to your web page.
  • Works with JLearnItME and JLearnItPDA, the mobile and PDA version of JLearnIt.
  • Included a quickly launched translation program BasicJLearnIt
  • You can run it on Windows, MacOS X, Linux and (not tested) others OS that accept Java 1.1 or higher.
  • You can run it using WebStart or as an Run Online.
  • Fully functional shareware even after the trial period.