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JLearnItME is a multilingual translator for mobile phones accepting Java.


  • 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and Czech.
  • The same dictionary can do English->French and French->English
  • Only 2.0 MB for the 15 languages
  • User interface available in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Czech
  • Create your own dictionary with JLearnIt.


You need to read and accept the license before downloading JLearnItME.

Download JLearnItME 2.2 (using MIDP 2.0): JLearnItME.jad and JLearnItME.jar (2.0 MB).

If the application is too large, you can create your own dictionary.
Also available:

  • English - French (jad, jar) 380KB
  • English - Spanish (jad, jar) 360KB
  • English - German (jad, jar) 520KB
  • English - Italian (jad, jar) 290KB
  • English - Dutch (jad, jar) 301KB
If your mobile requires signed application you can find it here: jad, jar.

If the installation of the JAD file fails, install the JAR file.
You can also download JLearnItME 1.6 (using MIDP 1.0): JLearnItME1.jad and JLearnItME1.jar (193 KB).

The links are also provided on the WAP page http://www.jlearnit.com/index.wml.

The instruction on how to install the application depends on the mobile phone. Please read the manual of your mobile phone for the installation instructions.

If you like it, please vote for it at phoload.com or at getjar.com and share this page with your friends.

JLearnItME was created with SuperWaba: http://www.superwaba.org.
SuperWaba is released under the GNU LGPL license.
The SuperWaba file in this release consists of the superwaba/ext/xplat/util/Compression.class file included in JLearnItME.jar


JLearnItME - Vocabulary English French JLearnItME - Vocabulary translation JLearnItME - menu
JLearnItME - dictionaries JLearnItME - not found JLearnItME - dictionaries


If you like this software, I encourage you to donate or to purchase the computer version JLearnIt and/or to tell your friends/communities about it.

How to create your own dictionary :

You can also create your own dictionary. This is particulary interesting if the your handheld device doesn't accept big application and you only want the translation between 2 or 3 languages.
To do it, please download JLearnItPDA and read the instruction provided in the README.html file.