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Deploy on Intranet / Extranet / Internet

  • Loaded faster as you control the server hosting the files and less persons request them
  • No external links. All files distributed will be from your own network.
  • Custom HTML page: No ads or your own ads, with your template, at a specific location in the web page.
  • Preconfigured languages and categories. You can configure the languages or the dictionary you want to make available. For example, English <-> Dutch about mechanics or you own created table of financial terms.
  • Request features. If this is almost what you want but still miss some features, you can also request specific features to me.
Examples of tables:
  • Stock market Quotes: GM -> General Motor; INTC -> Intel Corporation; ...
  • Company employees: Doe John -> 555 8965 -> Room 16A; Martin Barbara -> 555 2154 -> Room 12C; ...
  • Company clients: Car discount -> 555 5641 -> 31 Springfield street; Truck corp -> 555 2147 -> 11 Georgia road; ...
  • Company providers: France -> US -> Telecom Inc -> $0.095; France -> US -> Sat communication Inc -> $0.085; ...
  • Company jargon: CO -> Contact open; CC -> Contact closed; ...
Note that JLearnIt can be linked to a database.

Prices are per pages that the applet is deployed. If you want to deploy the application as a software on all computers, you will need one license per computer. Of course you get reduction for buying several licenses.

More information at anthony@jlearnit.com